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PRODUCTION OF ROBUST, BRILLIANT & PROFITABLE LATHES, MILLING, and DRILLING MACHINES PLUS ASSESSORIES makes us standing at the Topmost Position in modern Machine and Tools Industry.

Our Products: Lathe Drilling, & Milling Machines

Our highly reliable and profitable product range includes powerful Lathes, Drilling, and Milling machines plus Brilliant CNC equipment to perform several cutting tasks on metallic parts with 100 percent precision. The products are best to boost fast mass production in many enterprises. Computer programming based our CNC machines are highly productive tools to assist metalworking in several industries. We also produce customized machines to perform the jobs on metallic components. Our products are powerful and efficient enough to support small to big operations of the works.

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Image and Video Gallery of our products

Images and videos gallery of our products provides you see and watch size, shape and performance of many machines. Pathak Industries, based in India, are an eminent exporter of the Lathe Machine and tools. The company has received several awards for Highest Export of the machinery in India. We pay highest attention to develop our products based on advanced technology, features, and designs. You can watch videos of the products to assess how they work and support fast productivity in the engineering sector. The videos provide full transparency to evaluate best performance of our devices.

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Pathak Industries provide support to make business and products regarding queries by online customers. We have had over 20 years experience in the field of developing the engineering tools. We always like that our machines perform well and provide you highest production. If our customers have any issue pertaining to services of our machines, they can discuss it with us to its solution. We provide all help to put right the issue of machine as soon as possible. We give full technical support to our customers and buyers for getting reliable production from using our machines and tools.

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Pathak Industries, A Topmost and Famous manufacturer of Machines and Tools in India

We as Pathak Industries are a leading manufacturer and exporter of medium and large Lathe Machines and Tools with superior technology to perform various tasks of fine cutting, drilling, milling, shearing, slotting, turning, and many other applications on metallic components and sheets in India. Our products provide highest precision to develop the parts. We also produce CNC Machines to perform the operations on the components to support their mass production at high speed plus entire precision. The computer based tools are capable of producing exact copy of a component with perfect dimensions. We too manufacture customized models of our products according to wish or requirements of our customers. We produce many attractive and colorful models of Lathe Machines, Milling Machines, and Shearing Machines. Power Presses, Grinders, Metal Cutting equipment, Drilling Machines, Wire Nails Making devices, Rice Processing machinery, and CNC Machines, are also our other famous products that we manufacture nowadays. We too produce all tools and accessories attached with the devices. Our products are reliable and most profitable for many enterprises that deal in manufacturing of engines, their parts, and spares. It supports industries such as Space, Aviation, Ship Making, Railways, Automobile manufacturing, Steel production, Engineering, Construction, Hardware, Plastic, Steel tools and moulds,  Oil & refinery, Petroleum, Jute, Tea production, Education, Ceramics, Power generation, Defense, Agriculture, Rubber, Timber and Plywood, Sugar, Chemical and Fertilizers, and various others like this. We provide guarantee and customer care support for our products. We blend high technology, art, and creativity to develop the products. The tools provide good platforms to do several operations at several angles and depth on the components with full perfection. They are durable, robust, and power efficient too. They can work on components of copper/aluminum/steel/alloy/plastic/wooden or Iron very smoothly and successfully.

Our CNC Lathes, millings, and Plasma cutting equipment are best devices to provide training to students about different metal works. Several CNC training institutes use such computer based tools to teach their students its programming and working. Increase your productivity and profitability through installing our products in your industries. Avail our CNC Lathes and Milling machines for getting mass production with utmost precision. We also provide training to operate our products efficiently. We know that machine downtime should be lowest for higher production. Keeping this in mind, we provide technical support to put our products right as quickly as possible so that our customers can get hassle free production from it. Moreover, you can get the machines in production again if they go out of order through our online advice, and technical support. You may call us to solve any issue regarding performance of our products.

While summarizing the information, we say our products are basic needs for tool rooms of many workshops, automobile garages, and factories that are working in India and abroad. They support best metalworking and woodworking perfectly. We are keen on offering economic range of the products with highest reliability and versatility as well. We are proud of supporting industrial development and growth in the nation and abroad through our quality products since last many years. Contact us to purchase our reliable products from us to set up your industries or workshops in any state of India and abroad. You will surely get excellent services of our machines to boost your industrial growth.