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Standard and Computerized Drill Machines produced by Pathak Industries.

Drilling Machines

Pathak Industries are also an eminent manufacturer of drill machines in India. These devices are important for making base, gear box, electric motor, and other useful components. Holes of different sizes in components of metal/wood, or plastic are bored handily by it. It holds a cutting tool at its lower end that rotates by electric powered gear system. Different sizes of steel drills are used for making holes in metallic sheets, blocks, and components. It needs some pressure on it to make a hole in the components that can be created by manual adjustment. Its revolving speed can also be controlled through its efficient gear-system controls. The machines are quite important for experienced operators. These tools are accelerating industrial development in India and other countries of the world too. We maintain best quality for its production through implementing superior raw materials and accessories.

Our drill machines have several distinctive qualities. The devices are durable, power efficient and safe to use. It supports highest production in many industries with entirely finest precision. Its working table is designed to operate several jobs of the process. Radial, Pillar, Gear Radial, Precision Bench, Drilling cum Milling are some main models of it that we produce. We implement our creativity, art, and experience to develop new models of it. We pay special attention to develop such machines that have versatile functionality and portability too.

These devices are basic requirement for tool rooms in different small, medium, and big industries. Aluminum, steel, wood, plastic, and electric based industries and workshops are availing its benefits. These devices are very important for metal and wooden fabricators too. The machines are good for developing big sheds, gates, metallic or wooden platforms, ladders, frames, signboards, hoardings, doors of many domestic and Industrials units. These tools also support manufacturing of different parts and products. Many jobs regarding production of vehicles, aircrafts, ships, spacecrafts, hardware, utensils, railings, and buildings are impossible without drilling machines. It is also important for developing fixed or folding beds, chairs, tables, and frames in houses, schools, and offices. Holes are required to join parts or tools together with bolts without welding.

All these devices are quite solid, versatile, and easily repairable. We produce its heavy, medium, and light weight range at affordable rates. We pay more attention towards customer satisfaction and imply advanced technology to develop new models of it. We produce following drill machines for our customers.

All Geared Radial Drilling Machines It is very useful machine for engineering and automobile workshops. It has a radial arm that can move on a vertical shaft to support drilling procedures. It is based on gears that run bits forcefully into iron and steel parts. It is available in various sizes, designs, and specifications as per customers’ requirements. It is handy to make holes in metallic components efficiently with high precision.

Radial Drilling Machine It is designed for performing heavy duty drilling operations on metallic components. It supports the jobs with high precision. It is available in many designs based on its total weight with corrosion free paint. It has sturdy base with three T slots to facilitate it jobs.

Precision Bench Drill Machine It is best of drilling operation in metallic components with high precision. It has fixed base, a worktable and a spindle on the top. Its worktable and spindle can move up and down on its smooth and vertical pillar. It is handy to perform its application in engineering and industrial tool rooms. These run through V Belts.

Pillar Drill Machine It is very useful tool for engineering tool rooms. It has adjustable work table that can be fixed at desired height to perform it works. It is very handy to operate. It has different designs with drilling capacity ranging from 20 mm to 50 mm. It runs by V Belt attached to its motor and gear system.

Drilling Cum Milling Machine It is best tool for performing various jobs regarding drilling and milling operations. It is auto feed equipment. It has different designs and customized models. Its gears run with V belt. It can perform the engineering tasks with utmost precision and speed. It has big working table that can move left to right and back to forth smoothly.

Tapping Machine It is used for making holes with spiral thread in metallic components and sheets. It supports best tapping operation up to 12 mm of depth in steel component. It has sturdy base, a worktable in middle, and head with gears, clutch, and electric motor at its upper end. Its clutch system makes its spindle rotatable in clockwise and anticlockwise directions. It is operated by electric power.

While concluding the information regarding our Drill Machines, we would like to say that these above described machines are very useful for commercial production of metallic components. You can send us any query to purchase it. We can also make Customized Drill according to your specification and requirement.