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Powerful Lathe machines and Brilliant CNC Lathes made by Pathak Industries.

Lathe Machines

Pathak Industries are a renowned and leading Lathe machine manufacturer in India. They are producing all kinds of it that are absolutely useful for different metallic and wooden industries. It is also a prominent Lathe machine exporter in the nation. These are basic tools for many small, medium, and big workshops. These are useful for performing different operations such as cutting and drilling on metallic, wooden, and plastic blocks. It really supports fast and efficient industrial production.

Pathak lathes have all properties that you wish to support your high speed production in India or abroad. These machines can shape out your products with highest precision. They are quite handy, lubricated, and smooth to operate. The tools are energy efficient and very safe to use. The lathes are supporting growth of different industries mainly related to transport, mining, aviation, textile, power plants, steel, oil, paper, ship making, hardware, and other business sectors. Industrial revolution is supported through our Lathe machines over last several years in India. We have been implementing latest technology in production of it that can play a great role in modern industrial progression. We also provide extra tools and accessories with it that are beneficial for setting its different technical operations. Different models of it based on various unique properties are available in separate attractive colors at our showrooms. Cost of the machines is affordable and competitive. It depends on their model and capacity. Many tool rooms of various industries are equipped with it that provide solid, durable, and highly productive platform. These are absolutely fit for bulk production of various industrial items and spares parts as well. 

Our each lathe has its unique base of steel, sliding tools, different gears and controls that run on electric power. Experienced operators can get highest yield through our machines. We implement highest safety from electric in it. We use branded electric starters, motors, and panels in it. We always focus on quality of our products and customer satisfaction.